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A few projects that actually worked 

Antennas, Rotators, Raspberry Pi, Satellites and other future junk


Cobwebb Antenna

My build of the classic compact, multi band antenna for 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m & 10m.

Built on a budget but with great results, even in a loft. Just right for me.

Sarcnet Rotator

Sarcnet Antenna Rotator

My build of the Sarcnet Azimuth / Elevation rotator that uses inexpensive DC motors and arduino modules for a lightweight satellite rotator


W3EDP Antenna

Another cheap to make but really handy long wire antenna that helps with the low bands but doesn't take up a huge amount of space.

2m backpackers antenna

2m Backpacking Antenna

Take a commercial 5 element 2m yagi and put it on a diet. Add in a bit of 3D printing and there you have it, a sensible approach to backpacking contest antennas.

Not too hard to build and transport.


RPi Cloudlog

Putting Pete 2M0SQL's excellent web based loggin software onto an RPi. This is a bit less of a HowTo or more of a HowIDidIt


Mobile Friendly

Turning a Raspberry Pi into an all singing and dancing awesome server with the excellent DietPi distro and a few hours of set up time. Web servers, Plex, Kodi its all in there and easy to set up

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