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W3EDP Antenna

A really simple, easy to build multiband antenna

W3EDP Antenna

Some Background Like just about everyone else I want a simple to construct, cheap, multiband antenna that is neighbour / XYL friendly and will give me all the DX I need. Well funnily enough it doesn't seem to be in the catalogue.

But for me, as an 80m dipole is out of the question the W3EDP fits most of the bill. So for a few quid I made one and got on 80m as well as other bands

The Antenna

The antenna is a long one. 85ft in old money. It consists of the long 85ft part, a 17ft cointerpoise and a tuned circuit to finish it off. Well thats the original design. There is an alternative. The ladder line version.

Follow the ladder line version if you want simplicity

You can even buy one if you are feeling really short on time. But where's the fun in that?


Nothing more than a 4:1 balun. Easy to make with common parts or you could buy one


Here's where I had a bit of fun. The recommendation for a single 17ft counterpoise  is part of the ladder line but what happens if you add some more. Well here's what I found out